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FTC NL – Team blast 10 october 2013

In this teamblast

  • FTC practice possibilities
  • FTC team numbers
  • Building (a part of ) the block party field
  • Participating in non NL FTC tournaments
  • FTC facebook group


FTC practice possibilities

We know from last years season that it’s very helpfull for teams to have several moments in time where they can practice on a ‘real’ FTC field toghether with other teams. Therefore we have asked you to let us know if you want to be organiser of a FTC practice tournament. For now, this resulted in the following dates and locations

  • 14 December 2013 – FIRST Brabant event  - Eindhoven – contact:
  • 14 December 2013 – FLL regional finals  - Den Haag – contact:
  • 18 Januari 2014 – St Joris College Open door day – Eindhoven – contact:
  •  1 Februari 2014 – Newmann College Open door day – Breda – contact:

Besides these dates, there is always the possibility to practice at the van Maerlant lyceum in den Haag. In the Eindhoven region we are still looking for structural practice possibilities.

FTC team numbers

FTC teamnumbers are assigned. Team number start with NL followed by a 4 digit number (yes … we intend to have 1000+ teams at a certain point in time ;) ).

J-TeCh FTC-2 NL0021
J-TeCh FTC-1 NL0020
The Dutch Robotteers NL0019
Opa РLyceum Sch̦ndeln NL0018
Hofstad Lyceum NL0017
Novum juniors NL0016
Compile & Conquer NL0015
Lords of the screws NL0014
Reed’s Robotics NL0013
Doultregeniusses NL0012
Newman 4 NL0011
Newman 2 NL0010
Newman 3 NL0009
Newman 1 NL0008
Dukes of Brabant NL0007
Pius X – College NL0006
Hertogenbots NL0005
Maerlant 2 NL0004
WattsUp! NL0003
Eckartcollege NL0002
TheresiaTech NL0001


Building (a part of) the Block Party field

During construction of the Block Party playing field for the FTC kickoff, we encountered a number of issues when following the building guide. Most of them are due to the fact that European and US measures vary and that a lot of US materials are not available in the EU. Teams that also want to build the playing field and have questions about how to tackle these issues, can always contact head referee Ron Visser at

Participating in an extra non NL FTC tournament

Just like last year, we want to give teams the possibility to attend a second qualifying tournament in Europe if they like. Therefor we have had conact with the FTC affiliate partners of Germany and Spain. Teams that also want to participate in the German competition, can contact Lennart de Graaf (lennart@FIRST-Brabant). Registration cost for NL teams in the german competition are set to 125 euro. Teams can qualify for the FTC world festival in this competition.

Teams that also want to participate in the Spanish competition have to wait a little longer. In two weeks we will know if it’s allowed to also join this competition. Registrationfee’s are still to be determined.

FTC facebook group

Want to join the conversation and keep up with the latest news with regard to FTC? Or want to discuss something with other FTC coaches, team members and volunteers? Join the FTC Nederland Facebook group:



Lennart is sinds 2008 actief als FLL vrijwilliger. Als mede regiocoordinator FLL in Eindhoven besloot hij in 2009 ook te streven naar een nieuwe Brabantse regio in Tilburg. In 2012 is Lennart coordinator van de FLL regios Eindhoven en Midden- en NoordOost Brabant (Tilburg, Den Bosch, Uden, Veghel), de jr.FLL in Brabant, de FTC in Zuid Nederland en begeleid hij als een van de coaches het enige Nederlandse FRC team.

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