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FTC NL – Team blast 17 march 2014

Dear coaches and team members

In this mail blast, we have the following items for you

  • Important reminder (engineering notebook deadline, consent and release forms, team details survey)
  • Inform your team members
  • What to expect at Hardware and Software inspection
  • What to expect at FTC judging
  • Pit area facilities
  • Practical tournament info


Important reminders  

Please remember to (if not already done)

  • Send us your teams engineering notebook before Saturday march 22 2014. 

N.B. Please feel free to add post-it marker highlighters / digital markers or something similar to point out parts of your engineering notebook that the jury definitely should have a look at!

  • Prepare your teams consent and release forms and send them to us or bring them to the tournament
  • fill in your team details in the online form.

!!!! The information above is essential for participation in the competition. Make sure to fill it out before Saturday 22 march 2014.  !!!!!

See the mail blast of 6 march for details


Inform your team members what to expect

In the past days, we have been talking to several team members of FTC teams. A lot of them were not (properly) informed about what to expect at the FTC tournament. Some information indeed is not published yet, however a lot of it already is. Most of the important information can be found in the previous team blasts.

We would kindly like to ask you to pass relevant information from this and previous team blasts to your team members.

Also let your team members know that ALL FTC team blasts are available on the FIRST brabant website

and that they can join the FTC Nederland Facebook group for informal communication and tournament scoops.


What to expect at inspection and practice

The first thing you’re team will be doing at the tournament, is getting ready for HW(hardware) and SW (software) inspection.

The first step in the inspection process is the HW inspection. HW inspection mainly is aimed on checking if

  • A robot is conform requirements (are all used materials allowed, does the robot comply to measurement requirements, …)
  • A robot is safe (no sharp edges, no fluids, no risk for entanglement, …)

A team is expected to have already performed a HW inspection themselves by using the HW checklist available in appendix I of the FTC game manual part 1. Also a team is expected to have prepared a BOM (bill of materials) which contains all ‘non standard’ lego, tetrix and matrix materials.



If a team passes HW inspection, they may continue to SW inspection. SW inspection is aimed at checking if your teams robot has all firmware, software and settings in place to be able to successfully conect to the FCS (field control system) and play an FTC match (does your robots NXT have the correct firmware, are sw programs in place, does your samantha have the correct firmware and configuration for the FTC field, is your brick named in a correct way, …).

A team is expected to have already performed a SW inspection themselves by using the SW checklist available in appendix II (queue inspection) of the FTC game manual part 1.


after HW and SW inspection is done, a team can proceed to Field inspection where a short practice round is played to verify if the robot indeed functions as expected on the FTC field.

Only if both HW and SW inspection are passed, your team is allowed to participate in the FTC matches.


What to expect at FTC judging (Judges’ interviews)

At the tournament, besides playing the FTC games, your team is going to be judged on their engineering notebook, their robot (design, construction, software) and how they have been working on the FTC core values (see coach manual).

There will be only ONE judging session during the tournament. This judging session will take place in the morning between 10.15 and the lunch in parallel with the first and second round of FTC matches.

If you’re not sure what to expect at a Judges’ interview, please have a look at the following FTC video tutorial


PIT area facilities

During the tournament day, you’ll have a PIT area available. There are two types of rooms that are used for pit area’s:

  • a group workspace for 6 to 10 people (1 pit)
  • a  classroom (2 or 3 pits located in the same room)

Every pit has at least one table and chairs for 10 people and at least 2 230V power sockets in a wall nearby. Per room there is also an LCD screen or a beamer available. Feel free to connect a laptop to these displays to view the FTC Open Dutch livestream in your pit.

–> Please feel free to make your PIT area an ‘interesting place’ for the judges and for visitors. That can be done by decorating it in your teams style, by presenting your team, your robot design and/or your community outreach projects there, etc. <–

Practical tournament info 

  • The concept tournament schedule for matches and judging sessions are reviewed by the key volunteers. As soon as they have approved the schedule, it will also become available for you (probably around the end of this week)
  • A simple (typical dutch) lunch will be available for you and your team at the tournament. The lunch is distributed to your team in a large carrier bag and contains bread rolls, dutch cheese, meat, several drinks (milk, fruitjuice,), fruit, and a snack. You can bring the carier bag into your pit and have lunch there.  Please feel free to bring additional food/drinks if you expect hungry or thirsty teammembers.
  • Wifi will be available for your team in the PIT area’s. You will receive instructions on how to connect at team registration.
  • Keep in mind that Fontys University is open to the public during the tournament. You can leave your belongings (jackets, robot materials, etc) in your PIT area, however never leave valuables unattended in your pit area. We will have a general room available in which teams can leave luggage or other valuables. This room can and will be locked but can be opened at your request (only FTC teamcoaches). Please remember that this room is available for all FTC teams. (N.B. Please note that Fontys is not responsible for the materials that you store in this room.)
  • For the teams that drive in by car, there is a large free car park at the university campus site. You can enter the car park using the entrences at the following streets: Rachelsmolen, J.F. Kennedylaan. If you use a navigation device, please use adress ‘rachelsmolen 1′.
Lennart is sinds 2008 actief als FLL vrijwilliger. Als mede regiocoordinator FLL in Eindhoven besloot hij in 2009 ook te streven naar een nieuwe Brabantse regio in Tilburg. In 2012 is Lennart coordinator van de FLL regios Eindhoven en Midden- en NoordOost Brabant (Tilburg, Den Bosch, Uden, Veghel), de jr.FLL in Brabant, de FTC in Zuid Nederland en begeleid hij als een van de coaches het enige Nederlandse FRC team.

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