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FTC NL – Team blast 26 september 2013

  1. FTC NL team blasts in English!
  2. FTC kickoff party at Fontys University Eindhoven
  3. FTC facebook group in stead of yammer group
  4. FTC practice opportunities
  5. FTC international team exchange
  6. FTC final date proposal
  7. New Matrix materials available


FTC NL team blasts in English

Dear FTC teams. We are pleased to announce that our first international team, team Reed’s Robotics from Reed’s school in the UK, has registerred to join our open Dutch FTC tournament. Since we intend to invite more international teams, from this moment forward FTC NL Blasts will be written in English.

FTC Kickoff party at Fontys University Eindhoven

Yesterday about 80 team members and coaches of different FTC teams have visited our informal FTC kickoff event at Fontys University. Head referee Ron Visser and the other referee’s and judges had set up the official FTC Block party field. Teams were able to check out the field and ask questions about game rules and materials. Registered teams could also pick up 3 official FTC Block party ‘blocks’ for practice purposes. If you were not able to join the kickoff and are an official registerred team, email us at to make arrangements on receiving your practice blocks.

FTC communication using facebook

In the past we and some of the Dutch FTC coaches have been using Yammer as social patform for communication. This experiment has proven that Yammer is not a suitable platform for the desired form of communication  and therefor we have decided to try to use another alternative.


FTC practice opportunities

To provide FTC teams with the possibility to practice on an official FTC field, we are looking for events at your school/venue where we could have an informal FTC tournament. If you have an open door day or other PR event and are showing FTC to the public anyway, this would be a great opportunity to also let other teams join and practice for FTC. For now, we have three events planned where teams can practice (Open door day St. Joris College Eindhoven, FLL regional final Eindhoven 14 dec 2013, Open door day Newmann college 1 feb14), but we are looking for more events. Let us know if you want to host an informal FTC tournament.

FTC international team exchange

Last year some of our Dutch teams have joined the spanish FTC competition. This year we are again looking into the possibility to set up an exchange program where spanish and dutch teams participate in the abroad competition. If you are interested in (also) participating in another European FTC final, let us know by sending an email to

There is a concept date for the Dutch FTC final: Saturday 29 March 2014. (we are now checking venue and volunteer availability, to be continued)

New matrix materials available

We have received word from Opteq/Probotics, the Dutch importer of Matrix materials, that the assortment of available materials has been expanded (for example with omni wheels). See for details.



Go Teams!

Lennart is sinds 2008 actief als FLL vrijwilliger. Als mede regiocoordinator FLL in Eindhoven besloot hij in 2009 ook te streven naar een nieuwe Brabantse regio in Tilburg. In 2012 is Lennart coordinator van de FLL regios Eindhoven en Midden- en NoordOost Brabant (Tilburg, Den Bosch, Uden, Veghel), de jr.FLL in Brabant, de FTC in Zuid Nederland en begeleid hij als een van de coaches het enige Nederlandse FRC team.

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