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FTC NL – Team blast 6 march 2014

Dear teams,

The items of this teams blast

  • Reminder: engineering notebook deadline
  • Consent and release form
  • Registration form with team details
  • Judging room facilities
  • Details on flags used on the ftc open dutch
  • Hi-tech tour friday 28-3 cancelled

Reminder: engineering notebook deadline

Please remember to hand in your teams engineering notebook before Saturday march 22 2014. This may be a hardcopy, sent in by mail or a digital version sent by email. When sending us a hardcopy, please use a safety margin of a couple of days. Non Dutch teams should preferably send a digital copy to prevent long shipping delays.

Handing in can be done by sending in a digital copy of the notebook to or by physically sending it to

Fontys University
t.a.v. Lennart de Graaf
Building R1 – Room 4.56
Postbus 347
5600 AH  Eindhoven
The Netherlands

N.B. Make sure your team number and name are clearly visible at one of the first pages of the document!


Consent and release forms
Please print out the consent and release form for the FTC open dutch tournament for each teammember and coach attending the tournament. Make sure a adult (parent/guardian) signs the form for each  team member. Make sure to either:

send the form by mail in advance to

Fontys University
t.a.v. Lennart de Graaf
Building R1 - Room 4.56
Postbus 347
5600 AH  Eindhoven
The Netherlands

or bring the completely filled in and signed forms to the tournament and hand them in at the registration desk.

Registration form with team details

Please be so kind to fill in the following form in which you specify

  • The names and ages of the team members that are attending*
  • The names of (junior) coaches attending
  • If your team wants to use the opportunity to do early registration, inspection and practice on friday afternoon 28 march
  • If your teams wants to and is able to attend at the FIRST World Festival if qualified**
  • The number of people that want to join FTC volunteers at the FTC afterparty on saturday evening

*We have several pit area location options and want to assign these properly according to team size. Thank you for your cooperation.

** Some teams decide that they do not want to attend the World Festival if they are qualified. The reasons vary, but often they have to do with difficulties in getting visa in time, difficulties in finding funds for registration, travel and lodging, etc. In such a case we want to be able to ‘pass’ the qualification to the second best overall team. By letting know in advance if you want to attend, we hope to speed up this process.

Judging room facilities
Please know that for the judging session, classrooms of Fontys university are used that are typically used for lectures.  Each room does have the possibility to connect a laptop and show a presentation on the beamer. However, please keep in mind that you only have a very limited time to tell your story (about the design and build process, the robot, community outreach, etc) to the judges. Time needed for setup is extracted from your time to present your team and robot to the judges.

Details on flags used on the ftc open dutch

The flag poles used at the FTC Open Dutch will be assembled from different materials then the default US white PVC pipes. In stead of these pipes, standard gray 20, 25 and 32 mm gray PVC used for high pressure irrigation systems are used.

  • 1/2″ US PVC is replaced by 20mm PVC.
  • 3/4″ US PVC is replaced by 25mm PVC.
  • 1″ US PVC is replaced by 32mm PVC

20mm PVC: 20 mm is the inner diameter, the wall thickness is +- 2mm, so outer diameter is about 24mm
25mm PVC: 25 mm is the inner diameter, wall thickness is +- 3mm, so outer diameter is about 33mm
32mm PVC: 32 mm is the inner diameter, wall thickness is +- 4mm, so outer diameter is about 40mm


Eindhoven Hi-tech tour cancelled
Some teams have registered for attending the Hi-tech Eindhoven tour we planned to organise at friday 28 march. We are sorry inform you that the scheduled tour to ASML (high tech Wafer Scanner producer) is cancelled. We are looking into the possibilities to organise an alternative program (visit of Fontys University and Technical University Eindhoven).

Lennart is sinds 2008 actief als FLL vrijwilliger. Als mede regiocoordinator FLL in Eindhoven besloot hij in 2009 ook te streven naar een nieuwe Brabantse regio in Tilburg. In 2012 is Lennart coordinator van de FLL regios Eindhoven en Midden- en NoordOost Brabant (Tilburg, Den Bosch, Uden, Veghel), de jr.FLL in Brabant, de FTC in Zuid Nederland en begeleid hij als een van de coaches het enige Nederlandse FRC team.

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