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FTC NL – Team blast 7 januari 2014


  • best wishes for 2014
  • how are your teams doing?
  • FTC practice and demo during FLL Benelux final
  • Engineering notebook deadline
  • Safety
  • Hi-tech Friday and FTC after party



Dear FTC teams,

FIRST things FIRST! We wish you all the best for 2014, hopefully with a lot of FIRST fun in it!

it’s been a while since we sent you the previous FTC Blast. Time for an update!
And remember … if you are looking for all previous FTC Blasts … you can find all previously sent blasts  here:
How are your teams doing?
We’d like to hear from you how you are doing. Is everything going well. Have you started developing a strategy yet? Has a robot design been made? Do you even have a first working prototype or first version of your robot yet?
And also very important is: are there issues that you are struggling with. And if so, can we help you with these issues?
Just let us know … we’re here to help you!

FTC practice and demo during FIRST LEGO league Benelux final
We have been asked to set up an FTC playing field at the FIRST LEGO League benelux finals. These will take place at Januari 25th in Utrecht. We will be there and will make sure we have an FTC field and operational Field control system there. Of course we are also looking for teams that would like to practice there and demonstrate their robots to the visitors of the Benelux finals. Please let us know if your team wants to join us at the FLL Benelux, by sending us an email at

Besides this training opportunity, there also are other training possibilities. If you want to attend, please send an email to the appropriate contact.

  • 18 Januari 2014 – St Joris College Open door day – Eindhoven – contact:
  • 25 Januari 2014 – van Maerlandcollege  FTC practice day – The Hague – contact:
  • 25 Januari 2014 – FLL Benelux Final – Utrecht – contact:
  •  1 Februari 2014 – Newmann College Open door day – Breda – contact:

Engineerings notebook deadline
Besides amazing the referees and judges with your robots, we are also really interested in the design proces. You should log this process in the engineering notebook.
The engineer notebook not only contains information on the design, build and program process, but also introduces your team and team members, contains the bill of materials, sums up your sponsors and shows community outreach.

To be able to properly review your engineering notebook, judges have asked to hand in this document a week prior to the Dutch FTC finals.


This may be a hardcopy, sent in by mail or a digital version sent by email. When sending us a hardcopy, please use a safety margin of a couple of days. Non Dutch teams should preferably send a digital copy to prevent long shipping delays.

Safety FIRST
As you already might have heard from your coach/mentor, when working on FTC (for example when using power tools) safety is an important issue. Not only when working at school/home, but also during the FTC final.

Please keep in mind that during the event, teammembers and coaches (and guests) should always wear safetyglasses in the arena and in the pit area. Make sure your team brings its own safety glasses to the event.
Although FTC volunteers, inspectors, judges and referees will always be alert and warn you for potentially non safe situations, its the teamcoaches (and teams) responsibility to be and stay safe!

Within the comming weeks, we will send you a consent and releaseform, which formally describes this responsibility. Please fill in the form and return it to us.

Hi-tech Friday and FTC after party
For teams that are also available on friday (afternoon) March 28, Brainport Eindhoven is organising a guided tour to several High tech companies in the eindhoven regional. We do not know the exact program yet, but we already know that ASML (World market leader for Wafer scanners for microchip prodcution) will participate). If you are interested in joining the tour, let us know by sending an email to

For teams that cannot get enough of the FTC, an FTC after party will be held in the city of Eindhoven on the evening of Saturday March 29. If your team wants to join, also mail us at


That’s it for now! Go design, build, program … but definately GO HAVE FUN!

Lennart is sinds 2008 actief als FLL vrijwilliger. Als mede regiocoordinator FLL in Eindhoven besloot hij in 2009 ook te streven naar een nieuwe Brabantse regio in Tilburg. In 2012 is Lennart coordinator van de FLL regios Eindhoven en Midden- en NoordOost Brabant (Tilburg, Den Bosch, Uden, Veghel), de jr.FLL in Brabant, de FTC in Zuid Nederland en begeleid hij als een van de coaches het enige Nederlandse FRC team.

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